DUO - Paris

Taking urban sensations to new heights


A world of services

The key is to provide all employees and users of DUO with an application that enables both the facilitation of their day to day working lives and an effective contribution to their level of comfort and convenience.

User services:

Information sharing
Management of meeting spaces and monitoring occupancy rates
Management of spaces with shared offices
Parking availabilities
Restaurant information: menus, usage and peak time occupancy rate
District and services information
Weather forecast
Fitness room occupancies : timetables, bookings
Notification of incidents for maintenance

Having lunch and taking care of oneself

DUO offers 4 different
restaurant spaces.

A diversified offer meeting the new modes of responsible nutrition, well-being orientated.

Open throughout the day, the restaurant spaces become congenial and conducive places to meet, to exchange, etc… with WiFi everywhere.

To be open to the world



DUO - Paris

Taking urban sensations to new heights